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Welcome to the D.W.E.E.B.

Exotic Wagering System

The D.W.E.E.B. window in Windows XP


 Fully opened window in Mac OS-X

The D.W.E.E.B. Exotics Dutching program specializes in Wheeling and Boxing Doubles, Pick-3, Exactas, Trifectas and Quinella wagers. It allows you to Dutch up to 24 entries using a compact expandable window.

As you need more betting entry cells the program window automatically opens downward to reveal the first 12 cells. After that the window opens wider to reveal a second column of betting cells (up to 24) plus several of the special features of the D.W.E.E.B. program.

You can select the total bet cost or the amount of profit you want to make on the bet. After entering your picks you can remove entries and view the changes in cost and profit. It even includes the powerful Hedging feature originally developed for the original Multi-Bet program!

• Features Click here to check out all the D.W.E.E.B. features in more detail.

Please Note: Multi-Bet buyers can get D.W.E.E.B. for half price if ordered together!

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