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Fast and Easy To Use

 Just 5 Basic Steps

  1. Enter how much you want to BET or how much PROFIT you want to make on the race.
  2. Select the type of Exotic Wager from the Pop-Up menu.   
  3. Enter the Betting Numbers of your picks into the Auto-Setup boxes and click "Set Bet." The program calculates all the different bet combinations for you and fills out the betting cells.
  4. Enter the "Probable Payoffs" of the various bet combinations.     
  5. Click "Dutch" and D.W.E.E.B. does the rest for you!


D.W.E.E.B. is a computer program designed to work best if used with any online tote system. It can also be used on a notebook computer at the TAB, OTB or at the racetrack.

If you want to use D.W.E.E.B. online with a live tote service such as Bris Super-Tote, Horseplayer Interactive, Phonebet, Youbet.com, Ladbrokes or TAB all you need to do is:

  1. Start up D.W.E.E.B. so that the window is on your screen.
  2. Go online as normal - D.W.E.E.B. will continue running on your screen, floating above your browser's window.
  3. Position the D.W.E.E.B. window where it is most convenient for you to use. If you wish you can shrink the D.W.E.E.B. window to just the title bar by clicking the Shrink button in the upper left corner. Clicking it again will restore the window to full size.

Here are some of the unique features built into the program:

SELECT BET COST or DESIRED PROFIT - When you click on the BET COST button it allows you to set the amount you want to BET on the race. So, if you want to bet $20 on the race you would type in 20 or set a default amount in Preferences. If you are on a budget and prefer to use the smallest bet possible, leave the cost box blank and D.W.E.E.B. will calculate and display the minimum bet size possible.

When you click on the PROFIT button you can set the Desired Profit you want. It defaults to a Desired Profit of $50 but you can type in any amount you want or change the default in the Preferences. You can also leave it blank and the program will calculate the bet using the smallest bet size possible (and still be accurate).

MIN BET (MINIMUM) - This allows you to set the minimum bet used by the track to post the payoffs for each bet. It defaults to $1 since many tracks feature $1 exactas and Trifectas but can be easily changed to $2 for Doubles, Triples, Quinellas and other $2 bets. The minimum bet for each type of bet can can be individually set in the Preferences so whenever you change bet types the correct Min bet size for your track is automatically set.

AUTO SETUP FEATURE- To help you Box and Wheel your selections you can use the "Auto Exotics" feature. Just select the type of bet (Exacta, Trifecta, Quinella, Double or Triple) from the "Select Bet Type" menu and the program will display the necessary entry boxes for the race or races. Just type the betting numbers into the entry boxes and click the "Set Bet" button and the program figures out all the bet combinations and fills in the bet numbers for you then opens the exact number of entry cells to show the bets - automatically!

DUTCH UP TO 24 Bet Combos - You can Dutch an incredible 24 entries on one race! This means you can play a 4-horse Trifecta or wheel and reverse an Exacta with a full field of 12. Just click the Dutch button!

ON/OFF Button: If you find that your bet is too large to make a decent profit you can toss out as many entries as you need by simply clicking its ON/OFF button. It will be removed from the bet and the Dutch will immediately be recalculated to show the changes. If you decide to put a bet back in, just click the button again and will be returned to the Dutch.

HEDGING - D.W.E.E.B. borrows the incredibly powerful and useful hedging feature from its Multi-Bet cousin. This allows you to reduce the cost of the bet by playing some entries to break even rather than return a profit. This can greatly improve the profit on your bets and allow you to play even bigger boxes or wheels thus greatly improving your chances to hit the winning combination.

PASS the Longshots: - To keep the bet sizes low D.W.E.E.B. has a special feature that finds the longshots and either Removes them from the bet or just Excludes them from the Dutch but still keeps a minimum bet on them just in case. In exotic wagering this method can prove far more practical than Hedging to reduce the cost of the bets.

RESULTS: BET COST - PROFIT - R.O.I. - The program automatically tells you the COST of your bet, but in addition it also tells you the PROFIT and R.O.I. (Return On Investment). It shows you the amount of profit (in percentage) that you will earn on your bet. So for example if you bet $50 and get back $75 you have earned $25 or 50% on your $50 bet. This is your Return On Investment.

If you want, you can set the program to warn you if a minimum R.O.I. is not met. Let's say that your lowest acceptable R.O.I. is 20%. You can set the minimum R.O.I. to 20%, then you will receive an audible warning and the R.O.I. window will appear in YELLOW to warn you that the bet will produce a profit below your specified R.O.I. A RED R.O.I. box indicates a negative R.O.I. and that the bet will not make a profit. D.W.E.E.B. will not let you make a dumb bet!

MANUAL ENTRY - This mode allows you to enter any set of bet combinations you want. You can do partial boxes or just random choices if you like. This can be a lot easier than creating a complete box and then turning off the undesired combinations - and it keeps the window size smaller.

PREFERENCES - The "Preferences" button allows you customize most of the features listed here. The program is set to certain defaults but you can change them easily at any time.

SOUNDS - D.W.E.E.B. has a number of audible sounds to alert you if you make a mistake in entering the correct information. If you do not want the sound you may turn if off at any time.

System Requirements:

A PC running Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP with 3 MB RAM and 1MB of hard drive space and a CD-ROM drive, or

Macintosh PPC running System 7.5 to 9.2 or X with 3 MB RAM and 1.5 MB of hard drive space and a CD-ROM drive.

Note: Due to the size of the D.W.E.E.B. Program window (712x458 pixels) you will need a monitor with a minimum resolution of 800x600 pixels.


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