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In addition to earning consistent money on WIN bets, Multi-Bet can also be used for "EXOTICS" such as the Doubles, Triples, Exactas, Quinellas and Trifectas. These can be the MOST profitable bets. They are easy to do too! 

Instead of putting just one horse number in the Selection # box you put the combination numbers of the bet. Then enter the probable payoffs (from the track monitors) and click Calculate! 

In fact, you can simply enter the betting numbers into the Exotics Entry Box and let Multi-Bet fill out a Box or Wheel automatically! You can Dutch up to 12 bet combinations with Multi-Bet. Here is the actual Exotics menu with all the various choices that can be set up automatically by Multi-Bet :

You can box, key, use a standout, wheel or any other combination you choose. Just type in your bet and click on the EXOTICS button and Multi-Bet  AUTOMATICALLY sets up all the combination windows for you! It will even open up the window to reveal additional betting cells if needed! The Auto-Exotics menu will let you set up Doubles, Triples, Exactas (boxes and wheels), Trifectas, and Quinellas (boxes and wheels).

For example let's use the following Quinella.  We will box 4 horses 1-2-3-4 which gives us 6 combinations. We simply type the numbers (separated by commas) into the Exotics Entry Box and select "Quinella Box" from the Exotics menu:


Multi-Bet figures out all of the possible combinations and puts the numbers into the first 6 cells, then opens the Multi-Bet window to show all six entries, as shown above. After clicking "Calculate" Multi-Bet tells you how much to bet on each combination. In this example we bet $56 to get back $50 PROFIT with a R.O.I. of 89%.

While the above example produced a reasonable profit, I prefer to Hedge the LOWEST payoffs. In this case it is the 1 & 2 combination. I bet just $37 and got back a $50 PROFIT! This produced a 136% R.O.I. 


Then just type in the payoffs, click on Calculate and Multi-Bet tells you exactly how much to bet to earn your Desired Profit on the race. 

How about the Double? No problem! Here is a Double combination of 3 horses (1-3-5) in the first race 3 horses (4-7-2) in the second race.


Again, just type in your bet, click the EXOTICS button and Multi-Bet automatically sets up all the combinations for you. Then type in the payoffs, click on Calculate and you will know exactly how much to bet on each combination to earn your Desired Profit, or how to split up your bet if your choose the Best Cost option.

In the above example we bet $75 and received a $50 profit or 65% R.O.I. 

Not bad, but how about this? Let's Hedge the lowest payoff. If it comes in we will get our money back but now we can put more money on the other combination.


We bet the same $75 but get back $73 PROFIT or 97% R.O.I. if any of our other combinations come in.

There are a lot of ways to play the Double. You could also just use 1 or 2 horses in the first race and 3, 4, 5 or more in the second.

Once again, you could Hedge all the low payoff combinations and just go for the high payoffs. If the low-price Double wins you get your money back but if the high prices win you will have more money on them and more profit.


In this example we Hedged the two lowest payoffs and for $76 we increased our PROFIT to $104 or a 138% R.O.I.

What makes playing the Exacta, Quinella or Double so attractive is you know in ADVANCE how much money you will make. No more hoping that a certain combination comes in. No more payoffs that return LESS than the cost of your ticket!

More importantly, no more long losing streaks without a winning combination.


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