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Fast and Easy To Use

 Just 3 Basic Steps

  1. Enter how much you want to BET or how much PROFIT you want to make on the race
    2.  Enter the ODDS of PAYOFFS of the Horses. (Up to 12 entries)
    3.  Click "Calculate and Multi-Bet does the rest for you!


Multi-Bet is a computer program designed to work best if used with any online tote system. It can also be used on a notebook computer at the TAB, OTB or at the racetrack.

If you want to use Multi-Bet online with a live tote service such as Bris Super-Tote, Horseplayer Interactive, Phonebet, Youbet.com, Ladbrokes or TAB all you need to do is:

  1. Start up Multi-Bet so that the window is on your screen.
  2. Go online as normal - Multi-Bet will continue running on your screen, floating above your browser's window.
  3. Position the Multi-Bet window where it is most convenient for you to use. If you wish you can shrink the Multi-Bet window to just the title bar by clicking the Shrink button in the upper left corner. Clicking it again will restore the window to full size.

Here are some of the unique features built into the program:

PREFERENCES - The "Preferences" button allows you customize most of the features listed below. The program is set to certain defaults but you can change them permanently or temporarily at any time.

SOUND - Multi-Bet has a number of audible sounds to alert you if you make a mistake in entering the correct information. If you do not want the sound you may turn if off at any time.

RACE INFO - You can type in information such Track, Race Number and Horse Number. This is valuable when you are phoning in your bet so that you have correct information when placing your bet.

BET COST or DESIRED PROFIT - When you click on the BET COST button it allows you to set the amount you want to BET on the race. So, if you want to bet $20 on the race you would type in 20 or set a default amount in Preferences. If you are on a budget and prefer to use the smallest bet possible, leave the cost box blank and Multi-Bet will calculate and display the minimum bet size.

When you click on the PROFIT button you can determine the Desired Profit you want. It defaults to a Desired Profit of $50 but you can type in any amount you want or change the default in Preferences.

ODDS / PAYOFF - The program defaults to ODDS which is used mostly in the U.S and Europe. If your track shows the actual payoffs you can use it on the PAYOFF mode. (Australian horse tracks and most dog tracks in the U.S. use payoffs instead of odds)

You may enter the odds in any number of ways. For example, a horse at 8 to 1 odds could be entered as 8:1, 8/1, 8-1 or simply 8. Decimals are also accepted so a horse with tote odds of 7 to 2 could be entered as 7/2, 7:2, 7-2 or 3.5. Payoffs can be entered as posted, e.g.: 5.20, 7.80 or 22. For even dollar payoffs you do not have to enter the cents ".00"

Once you are in cell number 1 you can just use the Tab key to move forward. So if you are tracking the live online odds, such as Bris Super-Tote, just keep the cursor in the first cell and when the odds change just move to the right.

If you use PAYOFF, the word Odds will change to Payoff. Nothing else will change. You just put in the payoffs such as 5.60. 8.40. 12.00, etc. This also allows you to put in the payoffs for Exactas, Quinellas, and Daily Doubles.

MIN (MINIMUM) - This allows you to set the minimum bet used by the track to post the odds or payoffs for each bet. It defaults to $2 but if your track has $1 bets you can click on it for $1. (If $2 is the minimum bet you can change this for $1.00 Exactas, Quinella or Daily Doubles). You can even type in any amount other than $1 or $2. For example you could type 5 for $5 exactas. The default minimum bet can always be changed in "Preferences".

SEL # This is Selection number. You can put in the number of the horse or, if you are figuring Exactas, Quinellas, or Doubles you will enter the number combination as it appears on the betting info monitors or tote board.

For example if you have a 3 horse Exacta box you have 6 bets. Instead of putting in the horse number as your SEL# you would enter 1-2, 2-1, 1-3, 3-1, 2-3, 3-2. The same idea applies to Daily Doubles. Then you just type in the payoffs for each combination and figure out how you want to play the race.

AUTO EXOTICS FEATURE- To help you Box and Wheel your selections you can use "Auto Exotics" feature. Just type in all the betting numbers into the EXOTIC box then select the type of bet (Double, Triple, Exacta Quinella or Trifecta) from the Exotics button menu and the program fills in the bet numbers for you and opens the correct number of entry cells - automatically!

PROFIT - R.O.I. - Multi-Bet automatically tells you the COST of your bet, but in addition it also tells you the PROFIT and R.O.I. (Return On Investment). It shows you the amount of profit (in percentage) that you will earn on your bet. So for example if you bet $50 and get back $75 you have earned $25 or 50% on your $50 bet. This is your R.O.I. or Return On Investment.

If you want you can set the program to warn you of a minimum R.O.I. Let's say that the lowest acceptable R.O.I. is 20%. You can set the minimum R.O.I. to 20% (in the prefs window). You will receive an audible warning and the R.O.I. window will appear in YELLOW to warn you that the bet will produce a profit below your specified R.O.I. percent of 20%. A RED R.O.I. box indicates a negative R.O.I. and that the bet will not make a profit.

E.W.P. - Equivalent Win Payoff - This shows you what the entire bet would pay if it was a simple win bet - for those of you who are more comfortable with these figures than R.O.I. percentages. For example, a bet with a R.O.I. of 50% would have a E.W.P. of $3.00 (on a $2.00 bet).

HEDGE - This is one of the most POWERFUL features. After you enter all your horses you can put your mouse on the HEDGE box and click on it and it automatically hedges the horse. What this means is it allows you to bet just enough money on the horse to get your entire bet back for ALL the horses in your calculations if that horse wins.

This is very handy because you can play around with the bet by clicking and unclicking the HEDGE to see what the bets would cost. For example, click on the two favorites or the favorite and just bet the two highest prices. This allows you to put more money on your win selections while "hedging" your bet with the other horses.

You can experiment with multiple horses to see which is the best way to bet. On each click of the "Calculate" button it recalculates the bet for you until you have arrived at the ideal bet that will make the maximum profit you desire or just pass the bet if you choose.

THE "DUTCH DOCTOR" - Multi-Bet has a unique feature called The DUTCH DOCTOR. The Dutch Doctor uses a concept which we call PHD to assist you in determining if you should Pass, Hedge or Dutch a certain horse. There are times all when you may not be certain when to Hedge or Dutch a horse or perhaps don't play it at all and take your chances and hope it doesn't win.

There are several ways you could calculate this manually but with only a few minutes to post time who can do all that? Well, someone can. "He's" called the Dutch Doctor and he's built right into the Multi-Bet program. Simply by clicking on the PHD button for any entry the Dutch Doctor can help you to determine whether you should Pass, Hedge or Dutch your selection. A very valuable tool.

CALCULATE UP TO 10 ENTRIES - You can Dutch or Hedge up to 10 entries on one screen. The opening screen defaults to 4 entries but you can set the Preferences to any default up to 10 entries. If you just want to experiment and reset the default, you can place your mouse on the right edge of the Multi-Bet window and drag the window to the right. This will allow you open as many other window entries as you want, up to 10.

NEW MULTI-BET - This is a small button just to the right of the "Reset" button. It is simply labeled "N". Clicking it will open a duplicate Multi-Bet window so you can do exotic bets in one window and win bets on the other, or do more than one track at the same time. You can open as many Multi-Bet windows as your computer's memory will allow.

RACE TIMER - This is a really neat feature. You can set the timer to warn you at a selected time before the race goes off so that you will remember to get your bets in on time! For example, set the timer at 3 minutes before post. The timer shows the countdown until post time and also gives you an audible warning 3 minutes before post time to place your bets! And if you collapse a window to save screen space it will automatically re-open when the timer goes off.

ADD / REMOVE ENTRIES - Multi-Bet has an ON / OFF button for each entry. This allows you to take an entry out of the race and calculate your profit without this entry. For instance, you may have 5 entries but the profit is too low. So, you decide that you will take one of the entries out. Let's say it's the favorite. You think the favorite is vulnerable or not likely to win (After all, the favorite LOSES 66% of the time at almost every track in the world!) You decide to include the favorite, but even with a Hedge the profit is too low. So you click the OFF button and it takes the horse out of the race so you can see other ways to make a profit. This can SAVE as well as MAKE a lot of money for you on certain occasions.

If you want to know more about betting Exotics such as the Quinella, Exacta and Daily Double, click here to check out Exotic Wagering!

System Requirements:

A PC running Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP with 3 MB RAM and 3 MB of hard drive space and a CD-ROM drive.

Note: No version is currently being planned for PDA's or DOS machines. (Sorry!)


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Want more info? Download the Manual!

 This is the full, complete color manual that comes with the Multi-Bet program.
Download it before you order and you will be an expert on the program even before it arrives!
It's a 25 page pdf document (Adobe acrobat file) which can be read on any computer. (Requires Acrobat Reader)

Download Multi-Bet Manual (275 Kb)

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