The Incredible New Dutching + Parlay Program

This brand new program combines the Dutching power of Multi-Bet with the parlaying
power of PARLAYMASTER in one inter-linked and easy to use program window.

One of the hardest things about playing parlays is having to narrow the field down to a single pick to put onto the Round-Robin Parlay. For years my PARLAYMASTER buyers have asked for some way to play more than one pick in a race, and finally with the introduction of my Multi-Bet program its finally possible! And now not only is it possible, it's downright simple!

The new Multi-Master program adds the PARLAYMASTER Daily program to a fully-functional Multi-Bet window. After calculating the PARLAYMASTER results the program automatically enters the correct bet amount for the next race into the Multi-Bet section.
And when your bet wins, the correct payoff is copied from Multi-Bet to PARLAYMASTER with a single click.

The two programs can even be run independently so you could play a place parlay while running a trifecta Dutch with just one program window open!

This program is truly Priceless!

And I mean that literally - because it's FREE!

That's right - the incredible Multi-Master program is free when you buy both the Multi-Bet and PARLAYMASTER programs together.

When you order the Multi-Master Package you will receive a single CD containing PARLAYMONTH. PARLAYMASTER, MULTI-BET and MULTI-MASTER plus of course the PARLAYMASTER book and laminated Tally Sheet.

All this plus FREE shipping!

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