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Dutching Systems
D.W.E.E.B. - $99.95
BOTH - $199.95
Multi-Bet - $149.95

Parlay Systems
Playing the Percentages - $74.95
Let-It-Ride! - $74.95
Special Offers when you buy multiple systems:
Playing the Percentages plus Let-It-Ride! for $124.95 (You Save $25)
All 3 Parlay Systems - $149.95 for all three. (You save $100!)
PARLAYMASTER + Multi-Bet - $249.95 plus Multi-Master FREE!
Total package - $299.95 - Multi-Master/DWEEB/Parlaymaster/Percentages/Let It Ride

Please add shipping for all physical CD orders:

U.S. Shipping: Add $5.00
Outside the U.S.: Add $10.00

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