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Let-It-Ride! is the ultimate authority when it comes to on-track parlay wagering.

The Let-It-Ride wagering system is based on my exclusive PARLAYMONTH system described elsewhere on this web site. It concentrates strictly on Round-Robin parlays, showing you how to use the incredible power of the parlay to greatly improve your profits at the track.

After investigating the vast world of round-robins and deciding which ones are best for you and your particular handicapping abilities, you will be able to use the exclusively designed tables to place your wagers using standard track parlay bets. The tables also make it easy to keep track of your Round-Robins as each race is run.

The powerful Let-It-Ride computer program will make fast work of computing the best possible round-robins to play. In less than a second it can calculate and display all the pertinent information for almost every possible Round-Robin parlay.

If your track or betting service takes parlay bets you should look at Let-It-Ride in more detail...