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The Let-It-Ride! book is based on my original PARLAYMASTER book. It takes the Round-Robin parlay concept and expands it to cover virtually all possible sizes and types or round-robins. Unlike PARLAYMASTER it doesn't need to use the percentage-of-bankroll method to make the bets. Instead it concentrates on how to play large round-robins using standard straight parlay bets which are now commonly available at U.S. tracks as well as online betting sites.

Chapter 1 - The Round-Robin

The first chapter explains the basics about round-robins - what they are and how they work. Even if you didn't know what a simple parlay was when you started reading, by the end of the first chapter you will know more about round-robins than most professional bettors. But this is just the ground work to prepare you for the most innovative betting concepts to come around since Dutch Schultz invented Dutching in the 1930's.

Chapter 2 - The Parlay-Month

Once you are familiar with the concept or round-robins, the book will show you how to use them to greatly improve your overall profits at the track. It does this by capitalizing on your good days to help them make up for the bad ones. To this end I developed my exclusive PARLAYMONTH concept. With it you can predict how any given parlay will perform according to your actual handicapping skills. The chapter takes you through several examples of different kinds of round-robins to show how they might perform and helps you to figure out which types of parlays will work best for you. While the book uses the tables provided in the appendix to do this, you will actually use my incredible PARLAYMONTH computer program which can actually calculate and display 100 parlay scenarios as fast as you can drag a slider across the program window!

Chapter 3 - Making the Bets

Once you've determined your best possible parlays you will need to figure out how to play all the various combinations of parlays that make up each Round-Robin. This is explained in chapter three, just in case you ever need to do it yourself someday, bu in practice you will use the round-robin breakdown tables in the Appendix which will make betting a snap!.

Appendix A - The Parlay Tables

Eliminated! You no longer need to learn to use the old method of calculating the bets. The program now does all the work (and more) so you don't have to so I've eliminated all the tables and all the practice examples!

Round-Robin Break-Down Tables

Once you're ready to start placing some bets these tables will become the most important part of the system. As the name implies, these tables break down each parlay into its individual single-parlay bets. By first filling out the table with the actual betting numbers of your picks, you can quickly fill out the necessary track bet cards without confusion or mistakes. You can even fill them out the night before you go to the track and barring any late scratches you'll be able to put in the whole days bets in a few minutes and then go home! If you are an OTB bettor or an early-bird bettor this should really appeal to you. These tables can also be used to check off winners and losers within the Round-Robin so you can quickly identify winning and losing tickets. And since the book is plastic comb bound you can easily remove the appendix pages to make as many copies of the tables as you will need to use at the track or on-line and reassemble the book with no damage.