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Once you've read and understand how the Let It Ride! wagering system works you will use the exclusive Let It Ride! computer program to do all your calculations. While the book shows you how to do these calculations by hand, it's the power of the Let It Ride! program that will make the process practical and enjoyable.

Using the Let It Ride! program you will be able to set up hundreds of different parlay scenarios and quickly see how profitable they will be based on your handicapping skills. You will be able to play round-robins as large as nine entries. You will be able to investigate win, place and show parlays of various sizes (ways) and you can easily change your handicapping expectations (the Hit List) to try best and worst case scenarios.

You will start with the Setup Page seen below:


Using drop-down menus you enter the number of runners (Races) in the parlay and whether the bets will be to win, place or show. Then you click the Mutuel Payoff button to enter your Average Nutuel Payoff for the type of bet you will be making. This is something, along with the Hit List, that you will determine while reading the book - once you are here you will simply enter the figures.

Then you will enter your Daily Bankroll - the amount you wish to play on the parlay. After that you will enter your Hit List - an estimate of how well you are able to pick winners of the kind of bets you will be playing (win, place or show). To make entering data foolproof, all the entry boxes are red until you enter their data after which they turn green. If you try to run a parlay with missing data the program prompts you to enter the missing data before continuing.

Above we are playing a 7 race Place Round-Robin with a $100 daily bankroll and an average payoff of $5.00. The hit list shows how well we should do if we played the same type of parlay for a total of 30 days.

Once the figures are entered you simply click the Round-Robin button.

When you click Round-Robin in the setup window you will be sent to the Round-Robin Computer window shown below:

Once we are in the Let-It-Ride Round-Robin computer window we can explore all the different types of round-robins that would be possible for the number of races we are playing. We can use any number of Ways from 2 to the total number of horses in the parlay - up to nine total. By clicking the various Ways buttons we can see the results for all the possible types of round-robins we could play.

Above we can see the results from our 5-Race win Round-Robin. Here we see the 3-Way results which is not the best possible Round-Robin but will be fine for illustration purposes. This Round-Robin only costs $20 per day with $2 bets but check out the monthly profit - $1,972.28. And compare that to the measly $270 profit with flat bets!

From the Setup Window (at the bottom) you can create a full-page printout of all the possible results for any Round-Robin wager. You can print the page for your records if you like. Here is the printout for the 5-Race Round-Robin shown above:

From this printout we can see all the possible results of the 5 Horse Win Round-Robin - from 2-ways to 5-ways. T heresults include the Daily and Monthly costs and the Flat Bet plus Round-Robin Profits. In order to compare the different round-robins based on the same cost each, the Results at $100 per parlay are shown at the bottom.

The most profitable way for this particular Hit List is shown at the top of the other results - in this case the 5-Way. Check out the 5-way profit - nearly $60,000.00! And look at the total Monthly Cost for this wager - only $60.00! That's 60 bucks for the entire 30 days of betting. A small investment for a return of almost 60 grand!!

You don't have to be a genius to figure out that playing parlays can make you a fortune if you know what you're doing. Since you will be telling the program how good your handicapping is you will be able to know ahead of time how well you will do. And even if you only do a fraction as well as this example, I'm sure you can see the potential of the method to maximize your profits.

So now that you're convinced that my Let-It-Ride! method is worth its weight in magic beans, just click the order button below and get your copy NOW!