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New 2003 Version – Totally Re-written for Program Buyers!

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The PARLAYMASTER system was actually devised as a stand-alone system without the need for a computer in order to determine the best parlays or to play them at the track.

Chapter 1 - The Round-Robin

The first chapter explains the basics about round-robins - what they are and how they work. Even if you didn't know what a simple parlay was when you started reading, by the end of the first chapter you will know more about round-robins than most professional bettors. But this is just the ground work to prepare you for the most innovative betting concepts to come around since Dutch Schultz invented Dutching in the 1930's.

Chapter 2 - The Big Picture

Once you are familiar with the concept or round-robins, the book will show you how to use them to greatly improve your overall profits at the track. It does this by capitalizing on your good days to help them make up for the bad ones. To this end I developed my exclusive PARLAYMONTH concept. With it you can predict how any given parlay will perform according to your actual handicapping skills. The chapter takes you through several examples of different kinds of round-robins to show how they might perform and helps you to figure out which types of parlays will work best for you. While the book uses the tables provided in the appendix to do this, you will actually use my incredible PARLAYMONTH computer program which can actually calculate and display 100 parlay scenarios as fast as you can drag a slider from left to right!

Chapter 3 - The PARLAYMASTER Method

Once you have determined your best parlay possibilities you will need to be able to play them at the track. If your track takes single parlay bets you can use them to play your wagers with the help of a table in the back of the book. If your track doesn't have parlay betting, or if you want to play any of my "Special Angles" (see chapter 4) you will need to use my exclusive PARLAYMASTER wagering method. This method uses a simple percentage-of-bankroll betting system to keep track of even the most complex Round-Robin. While you could easily keep track of the parlay on a piece of scratch paper, I have provided a specially designed PARLAYMASTER Tally Sheet for this purpose. You can copy these forms and save your results to fine tune future parlays or use the new Write-on-Wipe-off version (supplied) for a whole day's wagering.

Chapter 4 - Special Angles

Once you've mastered the basic PARLAYMASTER wager you will probably want to tweak your bets to either squeeze out more profits or to create more days with a profit. For this purpose I have created 12 "Special Angles," These are clever variations of the original method which allow you to play your parlays in all sorts of new, more versatile ways. You can even combine several angles to create dozens of additional variations to perfectly suit your betting style.

Chapter 5 - True Round-Robins

When this book was written, the only place you could do parlays was in a few Las Vegas race books. But now that most tracks are offering some type of simple parlay betting, this chapter has regained its importance. It will show you how to create a complex Round-Robin wager using single-parlay bets. While a bit limited in scope, it shows you how to play any size Round-Robin and includes two specially designed forms to play and keep track of 5 and 6 race round-robins. For serious on-track parlaying you will want to check out my Let-It-Ride book which deals exclusively (and completely) with these bets.

Appendix-A: The Tables

Gone! As I mentioned above, this book was re-written for the computer owners, so I deleted the old-fashioned number crunching tables,and all the examples in the book that referred to these tables so you will be able to calculate any possible PARLAYMONTH scenario with just a few keystrokes and mouse-clicks. What used to take a few evenings to do by hand you can now accomplish in just minutes using my powerful PARLAYMONTH computer program.

There's even a handy PARLAYMASTER Tally program that replaces the PARLAYMASTER Tally Sheets with a small floating window on your computer screen. Perfect for laptop users at the track or when betting on line. But just in case you don't take your laptop to the track the original Parlaymaster Tally Sheets are provided in xeroxable form as well as on a laminated card you can use over and over again.

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