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Once you have read and understand how the Parlaymaster wagering system works you will turn to the exclusive PARLAYMONTH computer program to do all your calculations. While the book shows you how to do these calculations by hand, it is the power of the PARLAYMONTH program that will make the process practical and enjoyable.

Using the PARLAYMONTH program you will be able to set up hundreds of different parlay scenarios and quickly see how profitable they will be based on your handicapping skills. You will be able to play round-robins as large as nine entries. You will be able to investigate win, place and show parlays of various sizes and you can easily change your handicapping expectations (the Hit List) to try best and worst case scenarios.

You will start with the Setup Page seen below:

Using drop-down menus you enter the number of runners (Races) in the parlay and whether the bets will be to win, place or show. Then you click the Mutuel Payoff button to enter your "average mutuel payoff" for the type of bet you will be making. This is something, along with the Hit List, that you will determine while reading the book - once you are here you will simply enter the figures.

Then you will enter your Daily Bankroll - the amount you wish to play on the parlay (Parlaymaster only). After that you will enter your Hit List - an estimate of how well you are able to pick winners of the kind of bets you will be playing (win, place or show). To make entering data foolproof, all the entry boxes are red until you enter their data after which they turn green. If you try to run a parlay with missing data the program prompts you to enter the missing data.

Above we are playing a 7 race Place Round-Robin with a $100 daily bankroll and an average payoff of $5.00. The hit list shows how well we should do if we played the same type of parlay for a total of 30 days - a PARLAYMONTH.

Once the figures are entered you simply click either the Round-Robins button or the Parlaymaster button depending on the betting method you plan to use. Even if your track takes parlay bets you still may want to use the Parlaymaster method to make the bets as there are some advantages as well as my "Special Angles" you might want to employ. If you select Parlaymaster you will go to the window shown below:

The program will automatically compute every possible percentage and show you the most profitable one - just above the Hit List. In this case, the Best Percentage is actually 100% since we hit 7-out-of-7 to place three times. But let's look at a less spectacular result.

Here we see the results for a 77% percentage-of-bankroll (Parlaymaster) wager based on the data we entered in the setup window. Look at the difference between the Flat Bet Profit ($1,892.86) and the Parlaymaster Profit ($75,652.00)! That's an improvement of 3897%! Note the "Days with a Profit" numbers: We only had 17 profitable days using Parlaymaster compared with 27 days using Flat Bets - but we netted 38 times the profit!

Playing flat bets we went home with a profit 27 times out of 30, but we only made a measly $1900 profit. That's after spending $3000 on all our bets. But playing Parlaymaster resulted in a much bigger profit even though we only had 17 days with a profit. That is the secret power of Parlaymaster - capitalizing on the good days to make an absolute killing over time.

Note the slider above the results area - you can use it to instantly calculate and display the results for any other percentage you want. Just click and hold while dragging it left or right across the scale. The results appear instantly. Not that you should, but if you wished to play a percentage that paid less but had more days with a profit, you could do so. This would result in fewer losing days so your initial bankroll could be carried longer in case it took a while to get to that first "great day." Remember, if we played the very best percentage (100%) we would have only 3 days with a profit - less than one winner a week on average - but the profits would be spectacular!

Now let's say your track takes parlay bets and you would like to play your wager using the Round-Robin method. Since you will be placing a series of track parlay bets, the bankroll will vary depending on the number of separate parlays within the Round-Robin and that depends on the size and ways of the Round-Robin. (These things are all explained in detail in the book).

When you click Round-Robin in the setup window you will be sent to the Round-Robin Computer window shown below:

Here we see the results for a 5-Way parlay in a Round-Robin with six races. This is equivalent to a 71% Parlaymaster wager, so we would expect to make less than we did for the 77% example we looked at earlier. As you can see at the top, the Daily Cost for this wager is $42.00 or 21 $2.00 parlay tickets. To increase our Daily Bankroll with this method we simply make larger parlay bets. If we bet $4.00 per parlay ticket we would end up spending around the same ($84) as we did on the original Parlaymaster wager. Looking at the Profit @ $100/day we see a figure of $44,433.04 - still a very respectable profit.

By clicking the various Ways buttons you can see the results for all the other possible types of round-robins you could play.

From the Setup Window (at the bottom) you can create a full-page printout of all the possible results for any Round-Robin or Parlaymaster wager. You can print the page for your records if you like. Here is an example printout for the 7-Race Round-Robin shown above:

From this printout we can see the results of the 7-Way Place Round-Robin - the most profitable for this particular Hit List. Notice that the profit (betting $100/day) is well over $180,000.00. And look at the total Monthly Cost for this wager - only $60.00! That's 60 bucks for the entire 30 days of betting!! A small investment for a return of over 180 grand!!

As the car ads say - "Your mileage may vary," but you can see the grand possibilities with this method if played properly. And speaking of small investments, Parlaymaster itself is one! If you have any luck at all at the track and can find a few good days a month, you owe it to yourself to invest in this book. And if you are really serious you will want check out the full-strength versions of Playing the Percentages and Let-It-Ride elsewhere on this site.

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As a special bonus to web buyers I am including my new Parlaymaster Tally program with every order. It is a computerized replacement for my laminated Parlaymaster Tally sheet included with the book. You can run this little program while at the track or when betting on line. It keeps track of your Parlaymaster Percentage wagers and calculates each bet based on the results of each race.

You simply enter your percentage and starting bankroll and the program does the rest! There's even a drop-down info area where you can enter information about the parlay and even open a second window to play a different parlay or track at the same time! Nifty!

If you are finally convinced that my Parlaymaster method is worth its weight in gold (or at least hot tips) then just click the order button below and get your copy NOW!


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