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My PARLAYMASTER method is an innovative, yet simple to use wagering system that is based on the time-proven but (until now) complicated Round-Robin betting method currently only used by professional bettors in a few Las Vegas race books.

Why Round-Robins? Professionals have long recognized that straight parlays, like pick-6 and pick-9 wagers, may pay very well, but they are too hard to hit on a regular basis because if you have even one miss you lose the entire bet. But by playing Round-Robins - large groups of smaller parlays - you can hit as few as two picks out of six and still make a decent profit. And more hits means more profit - a lot more! By adjusting the size of each of the parlays within the Round-Robin it is possible to maximize your profit while insuring a good percentage of winning days.

Another advantage of playing Round-Robins over the pick-6 or pick-9 is that you can play them to place or show, and you can play only the races you like.You may play five horses to win one day and eight to place the next.
But if these bets are only available at a few racebooks in Las Vegas how can you use them to make more money at the track?


Once you have determined what type and size of parlays you want to play, the PARLAYMASTER betting method is used to simulate the round-robin using simple win bets. This makes it possible to use the system at any track or with any online betting service.

Now you can put the power of Round-Robins to work for you at any track. This incredible system will introduce you to the high-paying world of round-robin parlays. Through a series of simple calculations and with the aid of a few very powerful tables, it will show you how to select exactly the right Round-Robin for you, then, through a series of individual wagers, simulate that Round-Robin at the track. And you won’t even need a calculator to figure your bets!

More Advantages!

Because you make each wager on each entry individually, you have several advantages over the race book Round-Robins. First, you may play one horse to win, the next to place, and the next to show. Plus, since you can wait for the post parade before placing your bet, you can change your pick at the last minute or in case of a scratch. Or throw out the race altogether. Or stop the parlay at any point and keep what you’ve made up to that point. Just try that with the Pick-6!

The PARLAYMASTER system consists of a complete instruction book that will teach you everything you will ever need to know about round-robin parlays so that you can determine exactly which types of parlays will work best for you. Once you understand how the system works you can easily figure your probable profits by using the charts and tables supplied in the appendix of the book. You actually don't need a computer to do the calculations! They aren't difficult to do, but there can be a lot of them in order to figure each parlay possible so it can take quite a bit of time to test dozens of different scenarios.

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That's where the PARLAYMONTH computer program comes in. It makes it easy to enter all the parlay information and then find the best possible PARLAYMASTER wager based on that info. You can quickly check out 100 variations an any parlay with a simple slider control. You can even print your results so you can compare different parlays at a later time.

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