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New 2003 Version...

Totally Re-written for Program Buyers!

42 pages; 8-1/2 x 11; plastic comb bound.
Professionally typeset, laser printed.
Cardstock cover printed in full color.


This book greatly simplifies the PARLAYMASTER wagering method described elsewhere in this site. The book bypasses round-robin betting and jumps right into the Percentage-of-Bankroll wagering method that I developed for my PARLAYMASTER system. However it takes a completely different approach to the topic and actually does a more complete job of explaining the percentage-of-bankroll method as well as providing many more betting options through ten times the number of betting tables.

Playing the Percentages is so simple to learn the entire book consists of just one chapter! After a brief introduction the book completely describes the principles of percentage-of-bankroll wagering.

Next I cover my exclusive PERCENTMONTH system - similar to my PARLAYMONTH system except it is more comprehensive and more accurate than PARLAYMONTH because rather than trying to simulate Round-Robin parlays with percentage-of-bankroll bets it actually uses percentage-of-bankroll wagers in the PERCENTMONTH system when figuring the best paying wagers.

I also show you how the PERCENTMASTER method can easily be adapted for sports betting and other types of wagering.

Next I take you through a few examples in figuring PERCENTMONTH profits using the amazing PARLAYMONTH computer program. All of the laborious hand calculations using the old tables in the back of the book are gone! The tables and examples are gone! You will find yourself ready to bet in a fraction of the time.

Finally, the book shows you how to make the bets at the track using the exclusive PERCENTMASTER Tally sheets provided in the back of the books. These sheets can be copied and used at the track, then saved for your records and to tweak future PERCENTMASTER wagers. In addition you will receive a special laminated write-on wipe-off version you can use over and over again.

To learn more about the amazing PERCENTMONTH computer program click the link below.

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