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The PERCENTMASTER method is based on the PARLAYMASTER wagering method described elsewhere in this site. It can be used to get the same results with even more accuracy - in other words, you can fine-tune your wagers to squeeze even more profit out of the system. The discussion bypasses the round-robin betting theory and jumps right into the Percentage-of-Bankroll wagering method. This method was developed for the PARLAYMASTER book in order to allow players to make simulated round-robin wagers at tracks that don't take parlay bets. The difference is that PARLAYMASTER is based on just six different percentage-of-bankroll scenarios, but Playing the Percentages let's you explore 100 different scenarios insuring you will be able to maximize your profits to the highest level possible.

  • Make one or two good days pay for a dozen or more poor ones!
  • Turn Overall Losses into Profits!
  • Mix Win, Place and Show bets within the same wager!

The Playing the Percentages method consists of three basic parts:

1. Understanding the Playing the Percentages system. (Read the book)

2. Using the PERCENTMONTH program to determine the size and type of Playing the Percentages wagers that will maximize your profits. (Learn the program)

3. Learning the PERCENTMASTER wagering method to implement the system at the track using regular flat bets. (Make the bets and start winning big bucks!)

To learn the details on the book and the program click on the links below.

Playing Percentages Book | The PercentMonth Program